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Geetika Bhawan              A "Best in Class" Venue for Your Dream Event

                          "We make your dream event comes True...."  


Geetika Bhawan is the sister concern and the "Best in Class" event venue of Geetika - The oldest, renowned and famous for event decoration planner and service provider organization. A 40 Years old organization always makes a unique standard by its quality driven approach. Not like other organizations, Geetika being an oldest and renown organization, still improving its quality of service to provide, an unique not only good but excellent experience, to its esteemed customer.  

Geetika Bhawan is not only the venue with all facilities of your event, this is the one roof solution for your event. We request our esteemed customer to share their dream about their event only, We the Geetika Family makes it true by our quality driven and highly experienced approach. We not only provide the Venue like other providers but also provide all services which you like, which you prefer for your event. Your Dream, Your Like and Your Preference is the most valuable thing for us. 

We are the Single Point Of Contact (SPOC) for your event. You don't need to follow up with different providers for different services required to execute your event not only in the Geetika Bhawan but also in your home. Geetika's Quality Control and Service Delivery team is here for taking care of it. 

Being an oldest & renowned organization, we can understand your feelings. We value it. That's why we are unique !!!

Who is in the backend 

Geetika the Symbol of Excellence - A 40 Years old organization famous by its quality, effective and efficient service delivery. This is not enough. The Founder and the Owner of Geetika is Mr. Asit Kumar Das known as Hareram. He is the President of Jalpaiguri Decorator Association from last 15 years. He is the Chair Leader of Geetika Bhawan and the Director of Geetika Technosoft Pvt Ltd (IT Consulting & Service provider organization all over India.) 

His "Never Compromise in Quality" approach and a vast customer support experience makes Geetika, Geetika Bhawan and Geetika Technosoft Pvt Ltd unique and "Best in Class".

Mr. Asit Kumar Das (Hareram)

Founder & Owner - Geetika

Chair Leader - Geetika Bhawan

Director - Geetika Technosoft Pvt Ltd

Mob. +91 94340 16832


Why Geetika Bhawan "Best In Class"

  • We Value your Feelings regarding your Event
  • No Compromise in Quality Approach 
  • Managed by oldest and famous domain specific organization in the city
  • Single Roof Solution with Single Point of Contact facility for the event not only in Geetika Bhawan but also in your home. 
  • Pay Per Use Model provide flexibility in terms of costing
  • Back Up Power Supply with fulltime presence of Electrician
  • Full-time presence of Facility Management Executive
  • 24 Hrs Water Supply
  • Free Vehicle Parking Area
  • No outsider entrance
  • Located in the Heart of the City

If You Believe in Quality & Experience then Geetika Bhawan is the Perfect Choice for your Dream Event. 

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